There are rules at Avarus, compliance with which is essential for a beautiful and unforgettable evening.

Mobile phones, cameras, smartwatches and all devices that can be used to make video and audio recordings are strictly prohibited on the club premises. If you still take such a device to the club, you unfortunately have to leave us immediately and risk a permanent ban. The privacy of our guests is our top priority! You can lock your mobile devices in your closet in the changing area.

We do not tolerate the offering of paid sexual services on our premises! We are a pure swingers club where only private guests meet. Should we find that our guests are being harassed by the offer of paid sexual services, this will lead to an immediate and permanent house ban.

If you visit us as a couple, please note that you will also leave the club as a couple. If you don’t know each other yet and are sure whether you want to spend the evening together, please visit us as individual guests. So you can come and go independently.

The consumption of drugs is prohibited in our rooms. We will not admit people who are obviously under the influence of drugs or who are drunk. A reservation doesn’t change that.

Only drink as much alcohol as you can tolerate. If you are so drunk that you behave inappropriately, we reserve the right not to serve you any more alcoholic beverages or to expel you from the club.

Treating each other with respect is a matter of course for us. A no is always a no and should be respected as such! We do not tolerate abusive behavior, it is always brought up and it may result in you having to leave us.

Treating people with respect also includes practicing safer sex. You will find condoms in many places in the club. We have larger sizes available on request. Of course, every couple has to decide for themselves whether they need condoms, but the unsolicited and surprising non-use of condoms is an absolute no-go and can be counted as physical harm.

We will not and must not admit persons under the age of 18. If we are not sure whether you are of legal age, we will ask you to show your ID at the entrance.

Please note our dress code! Street clothes, jeans, street shoes, plaid shirts and a generally unkempt appearance are not welcome and unfortunately mean that we will not let you in or ask you to change. We reserve the right to have your outfit shown to us at the entrance.

Food and drinks are not permitted in our wellness and play area. For reasons of sustainability, we only use real glasses and porcelain dishes.

High heels are not permitted in the play area. If we discover that damage has been caused by wearing high heels in the play area without permission, you are liable for damages.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any liability for loss or theft. The use of the premises and facilities is at your own risk.

If we have to expel you due to a gross violation of the club’s rules, we will not refund the entrance fee you have paid.

If you have any questions or concerns, please write to us.